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Holyoke Carbon Footprint 2015HG&E’s goal is to expand carbon free content while maintaining some of the lowest electric rates in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This successful balance is reflected in the fact that HG&E’s Carbon Footprint is less than one tenth of that of an average utility in New England. As shown in the table, HG&E’s carbon footprint in 2016 was 60.55 lbs of carbon dioxide per MWh – with the average utility in New England emitting 625 lbs of carbon dioxide per MWh.  Calculate your carbon footprint.

This low carbon footprint stems from HG&E’s high penetration of renewable and carbon-free sources of generation in its system.  Nearly 65% of HG&E’s generation comes from renewable sources (i.e. hydro and solar), with an additional 25% coming from carbon-free sources.  This results in annual retail electricity sales that are on average, 90% carbon-free.

Explore the links below to learn more about HG&E’s renewable energy facilities, and the steps that we are taking to expand our portfolio of renewable and carbon free generation.

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