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Stay Safe This Winter

November 30, 2013:

HG&E and Northeast Gas Association would like to remind you that the accumulation of snow and ice on meters, regulators, and other aboveground pipe components may create a safety hazard and increases the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) build up in your home or business. If you have natural gas, please pay attention to the following:

  • Clear snow and ice from exhaust vents, chimneys, and combustion air vents for all gas appliances to prevent accumulation of carbon monoxide in buildings, or prevent operational problems for the combustion equipment.
  • Properly functioning carbon monoxide detectors should be deployed in the building.
  • Pay attention to snow and ice related situations that may cause operational problems for meters, pressure controlled devices, and other equipment. This equipment may contain vents that release gas safely outdoors in the event of a malfunction. If these vents are blocked an unsafe condition could result.
  • Piping on service regulator sets is susceptible to damage, that could result in failure, if caution is not exercised in cleaning snow from around the equipment.
  • Where possible, use a broom instead of a shovel to clear snow off regulators, meters, associated piping, propane tanks, tubing, gauges or other related equipment.
  • Chimneys and vents should be protected using an approved cap or screen, to keep small animals or insects from entering. These intruders have been known to build nests, inside chimneys or vents, that can create a blockage and cause potentially hazardous conditions.
  • If there is an odor of gas present, or if gas appliances are not functioning properly, leave the building vicinity immediately. Then, from a safe location, contact Holyoke Gas & Electric at (413) 536-9300.

-Northeast Gas Association

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