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Meet Your Serviceman: Pedro Colon

January 31, 2014:

Pedro Colon Standing by his truck on Hillside Avenue, Holyoke.With a big smile on his face, Pedro Colon rides through the streets of Holyoke as a proud member of HG&E's Service Crew.  On a daily basis, he meets old friends and new ones, kids he coaches or families he has helped along the way, all while doing a job he is passionate about.  "Every day I help people. The job is always changing and presenting new challenges," says Pedro.  "I love it, and feel like I hit the lottery working at HG&E." 

Pedro moved to Holyoke from Villalba, Puerto Rico when he was five years old, along with his family.  When they first arrived in Holyoke, his mother worked hard trying to find her place in the new environment.  “It was difficult because my mother only spoke Spanish and had a hard time communicating; we were also in a new city with a totally different culture,” says Pedro.

Growing up, Pedro and his family moved around the City.  He attended various schools, always thinking ahead to the day he would work full-time and provide for his family. 

After attending Holyoke High School and receiving his General Educational Development (GED) Diploma, Pedro went right to work.  He worked in maintenance at Fisette Realty, where he learned about boilers, electrical, plumbing, and much more.  The owners of the company took Pedro under their wings and made sure he was a success. "They saw a lot of potential in me, I always came to work with a positive attitude, and I worked really hard," Pedro says. 

Pedro is thankful that he had support like that throughout his career, from Fisette Realty to HAP Housing to HG&E, he has always had people supporting his hard work and dedication to the customer and the job. 

Pedro was hired as an HG&E Service Technician in April 2010. He brought many years of experience and a diverse skill set to the position, including his ability to communicate with HG&E’s Spanish speaking customers.

Whether it is his call or one of his colleagues, he is willing to utilize any and all of his skills in order to help the customer.   “My main goal is to make a customer smile and feel comfortable, as soon as I walk in the door,” says Pedro.  “I am entering their home, and I have great respect for that.  I try to make people smile.”

If Pedro comes to service your home, you will quickly learn that he is committed to many great causes.  Most notably he is involved in assisting in the success of Holyoke's youth.  From coaching basketball to bringing kids into his home to learn about music in his small studio, Pedro works with youth and encourages them to be productive.  As Pedro reflects on his childhood, he wishes that he had a mentor, so he feels like he is giving back by supporting others. 

After work, coaching, parenting, volunteering, and playing music of his own, somehow Pedro makes time to go to school at night.    Pedro is an instrumental part of HG&E and the Service Team.

For 24-Hour Emergency Service Call: (413) 536-9335

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