• Satisfy all your business communications needs using HG&E's fiber optic network.  We offer reliable, affordable, and scalable, internet, voice and data solutions utilizing fiber optic connections to your business.

Each day tens of thousands of computers connect to the network for internet access. Through our advanced communications network, we provide reliable, affordable, internet and voice services to businesses to Holyoke, Chicopee, Springfield and surrounding areas in the Pioneer Valley.

Fiber Optic Advantage
Fiber optic service delivers internet access to customers over thin strands of glass. Flashes of laser light carry the digital information long distances over these glass filaments without interference from weather, electrical signals, or radio frequencies. Traditional copper or coaxial connections don't have these benefits.

A fiber optic internet link can offer customers near limitless connection speeds (bandwidth). HG&E's fiber optic network offers business customers a communications solution that can grow with your business. In the future, almost all telecommunications services will employ fiber optics as the connection medium, it will be viable for years and decades to come.

A fiber optic network connection from HG&E can offer your business, internet, wide-area networking, and phone services, with nearly limitless connection speed, reliability, and unbeatable local, 24-hour support.

Within Holyoke, we have created a self-healing fiber optic ring allowing us to provision high speed Metro Ethernet (MetroE) services at speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps). Our next generation network allows your company the flexibility to grow your fiber optic service as your budget allows.

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