HG&E is dedicated to making safety our top priority!

A request for service must be submitted for any service to be installed, including: new, changed, or temporary servicePlease review HG&E's Information & Requirements for Electric Service Below 600 Volts. 

This procedure is meant to do the following:

  • Provide a method for you to process your request for electric service.
  • Encourage you to contact us far enough in advance to allow for proper planning.
  • Provide you with information that will:
    • Specify the service location
    • Identify the type and character of supply available
    • Specify the requirements for metering equipment
    • Advise you of any special considerations

Process for Electrician to upgrade, change or add a new electrical service:

The electrician must first submit a Request for Electrical Service form to the Department before starting any work.  Please take into account that HG&E requires at least a week for simple services and up to a month or more for complex projects to plan, design, provide materials, and perform the necessary construction.  Once the form is submitted, your electrical contractor must contact us at (413) 536-9355 to outline customer work requirements and conditions necessary to supply electrical service.

Once electrical work is complete, the electrician must contact the city’s wire inspector.  Once the job is inspected, the wire inspector will contact HG&E for connection and meter work.

Please note these frequently asked requirements:

  • HG&E requires a Fifth Jaw in the 9 o’clock position and tied to the neutral for all single phase applications.
  • On residential services HG&E does not require a manual bypass meter socket.
  • On commercial services HG&E does require a manual bypass meter socket.
  • Our Residential Cut and Reconnect Policy is restricted to Three Wire 120/240 volt Single Phase Overhead Residential Services of 400 Amps or below, to be performed only by Electrical Contractors or Electricians licensed by the State of Massachusetts.

 We will not energize a service until it is approved by the City Wiring Inspector and also meets the requirements of HG&E. If you have any questions regarding Commercial or Residential Electric Services, please contact us.

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