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HG&E is proud to offer highly reliable electric service that is powered primarily by carbon-free sources of energy. In addition to environmentally friendly power, HG&E offers some of the lowest electric rates in the Northeast, backed by unmatched customer service.


HG&E’s dedication and service to its customers is unparalleled in the region, with customer satisfaction ratings over 95%. We offer 24/7 service with prompt response from locally dispatched crews. HG&E’s employees live and work in the community, and take great pride in the outstanding service offered to customers. In fact, our average customer experiences less than one outage every two years with an average service restoration time of less than 90 minutes.

HG&E has some of the lowest residential electric rates in Massachusetts (see our most recent newsletter for the latest rate comparisons). You can further increase your cost savings through our 10% Prompt Payment Discount if you pay your bills within 15 days of receipt! Using our AutoPay Service ensures that you receive this discount monthly.

HG&E also has various rebate and incentive programs, and even provides an additional 10% discount to new homeowners in Holyoke through its First-Time Holyoke Homeowner Discount!

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HG&E understands that electricity is vital to the way that you do business, and that loss of power can impact your bottom line. Therefore, we strive to provide your business with some of the most reliable electric service in the area, backed by excellent customer service. In fact, despite the unpredictable New England climate, our electric distribution system has an impressive 99.995% in-service time, which means that approximately 18 seconds will be offline out of every thousand hours of service. Our robust distribution network can even provide your business with redundant electrical feeds from multiple substations, further increasing your protection from outages.

We’re also committed to helping your business use power more efficiently, providing free technical services such as arranging for energy audits, power quality analysis, power factor studies, and rate analysis. We’re always ready to help you better understand your electrical use, and how to optimize it for maximum cost savings. For additional information, please contact HG&E’s Customer Service Department.

HG&E is also proud to offer some of New England’s most competitive commercial and industrial electric rates. To further increase your electricity-related operational cost savings, we provide an extra 10% Prompt Payment Discount to customers who pay their bills within 15 days of receipt* and can even offer your business additional discounts for primary metering or transformer ownership! Using our AutoPay Program makes this discount simple.

Commercial customers can take advantage of HG&E’s Commercial Energy Conservation Program to help with various energy efficiency projects. Furthermore, HG&E offers an additional 10% discount during the first three years of operation for commercial customers who locate or expand their facilities within its service territory through our Economic Development Discount Program.

*Note: Prompt Payment Discount for Industrial Customers may be subject to Power Factor restrictions

For more information, please see HG&E's electric service requirements (below 600 volts).

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