Holiday Discount

Last month, Holyoke Gas & Electric's Commission approved an extra 15% prompt payment discount on energy services billed during the December cycle. Traditionally, the holiday discount is 10%, but the Commission voted on a one-time increase to 15% as a way to thank HG&E customers for their loyalty and support throughout the pandemic.

“Many customers have experienced challenging times over the last two years,” said Fran Hoey, HG&E's Commission Chairman. “This holiday season, we want to offer an additional discount as a way to acknowledge the difficult economic times experienced during the pandemic by the great community we serve, doing our part to lessen the impact.”

For the average homeowner who heats with natural gas, the combined discounts (prompt payment and holiday discount) amount to savings of approximately $84 on their bill. HG&E has implemented a holiday discount each year since 1992. This discount applies to commercial and residential gas and electricity customers who are not already participating in an economic development discount program.

For customers who are looking to save energy and money this winter, HG&E has a variety of resources that can assist customers who are facing financial hardship, including payment plans, energy efficiency programs, and connections to fuel assistance programs. For more information, visit or contact customer service by calling (413) 536-9300.

“All of us here at HG&E offer our best wishes for a warm and bright holiday season,” said Jim Lavelle.

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