Modernizing the Electric Distribution System

For 120 years, HG&E has been providing customers with reliable and affordable utility services. As we prepare and plan for the future of the local distribution system, we anticipate customers will adopt additional electric technologies and equipment, like Air Source Heat Pumps, Electric Vehicles, Electric Water Heaters, and other smart devices. In order to manage the rising electric demand, HG&E is working to modernize distribution infrastructure so customers have the ability to add technologies to homes and businesses with the same level of reliability they have today.

The distribution system is made up of the local electric lines that directly supply homes and businesses in Holyoke. For several years, HG&E has been working to convert the existing infrastructure to a higher voltage system (4.8 kV to 13.8 kV) in order to improve system efficiency, increase electric capacity, and improve overall reliability. Throughout the 2022 construction season, this important reliability work will impact customers throughout the city, and specifically in wards 1, 4, 6, and 7. Some customers will have a short outage, while others will experience multiple outages and/or street construction.

Another important reliability project is related to backyard services, specifically in ward 7. When possible, HG&E is working to move backyard services in areas where there are existing poles along the street. Over time, natural vegetation and physical obstructions (sheds, swing sets, gardens, etc.) have been installed along many backyard pole lines, making it challenging to access essential utility infrastructure.

Customers impacted by the conversion or the backyard relocation will be contacted by HG&E's team in advance of related work with additional details. These initiatives are multi-year projects, we appreciate your patience and cooperation as we make these important improvements to the local distribution system. For more information, please see construction updates or contact (413) 536-9300 if you have any questions.