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The Northampton Lateral pipeline that feeds HG&E, Berkshire Gas and Columbia Gas of Massachusetts has been at capacity for some time. Moratoriums on new gas connections have been in place since as early as 2014 for other utilities served by this pipeline. HG&E’s system load has grown significantly over the past several years, with no corresponding increases in supply, due to the capacity constraints. HG&E is currently evaluating options to bring additional capacity to the area but, due to significant opposition to adding new capacity to the region, the time frame for securing additional capacity is uncertain. HG&E will review new service interest and requests as soon as the capacity issue is adequately addressed. 

Residential Service: Due to the lack of natural gas capacity in the region, HG&E is unable to accommodate new natural gas service requests as of January 2019. Customers can make improvements to their existing gas service (i.e. replace a gas furnace, gas stove, or gas hot water heater), so long as the load profile for their home does not increase and the service was actively consuming gas in the last 12 months.

Business Service: HG&E may be able to accommodate certain commercial/industrial requests depending on the specific load profile and the ability for those customers to utilize dual fuel, on HG&E’s interruptible rate, during peak periods.

Natural Gas Alternatives: HG&E offers rebates and incentives for various electric alternatives to natural gas equipment, including those listed below, for residential customers with an active electric account. (Please see associated program webpages for additional eligibility requirements).

  • Space-heating alternatives: Click here for information on rebates and incentives available for heat pumps and mini-splits, an energy efficiency electric heating and cooling system type. (Visit our heat pump/mini-split education webpage to learn more about this technology.) 
  • Domestic hot water heating alternatives: HG&E offers rebates for electric storage tank and heat pump hot water heaters. Click here for more information.
  • Electric clothes dryers: Click here for more information on HG&E's electric clothes dryer rebates.

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