Air Source Heat Pump and Mini-Split Rebates

Please see below for the various incentives available for mini-splits and heat pumps. If you would like to learn more about heat pump and mini-split technology, visit our heat pump and mini-split educational page.

HG&E Rebates:

Receive up to $250/ton for installing a qualifying heat pump or mini-split.

This program offers a higher heat pump/mini-split rebate of $600-$750/ton as well as a weatherization rebate adder for installing a qualifying heat pump or mini-split system that is sized to meet 100% of your home's heating requirements.

additional incentives:

Financial assistance at 0% interest for qualifying projects. Apply before you begin your project to secure the funds!

Receive a $300-$600 discount off the purchase of a qualifying heat pump or mini-split installed by a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor

Receive a $5-$8/month incentive for allowing HG&E to remotely adjust the temperature of heat pump or mini-split system a few times each month (Must have qualifying thermostat or heat pump controller).

non-hg&e incentives:

The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) provides the owners of qualifying alternative energy systems, including whole-home air source heat pumps, with Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs), which can be sold to receive a financial incentive. The DOER encourages system owners to work with Aggregators who can submit your application and sell your AECs on your behalf. Please reach out to an aggregator for more information and the eligibility requirements. Here is a link to a list of aggregators located on the program webpage. 

This program is offered through OneHolyoke CDC and provides low-interest loans of up to $21,000/unit available for multi-family rental properties with low-income tenants for various building improvements including heating systems.

Various companies offer low-interest financing options to help with energy efficiency projects such as heat pump installations. For example, People's Bank offers an Energy Efficiency Home Equity Loan with a lower interest rate available for energy efficiency projects. Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors also offer a Mitsubishi Synchrony Financing option. 


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Energy Efficiency Coordinator

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