Tesla Powerwall Demand Response Program

REceive a $1,000 up-front rebate and a $6/kW monthly performance incentive for enrolling a tesla powerwall battery in hg&e's Tesla Powerwall Demand Response Program

By enrolling a Tesla Powerwall battery in this program, customers receive an up-front $1,000 rebate as well as a monthly incentive of $6/kW based on the amount of electricity the battery dispatches onto the grid during each of HG&E's monthly transmission peaks. Transmission peaks occur when demand for electricity in our area is highest, and by dispatching your battery onto the grid during these times, you will help us reduce our overall electric demand which helps us maintain lower electric rates for all HG&E customers. 

HG&E will anticipate 2-3 potential transmission peak events each month, though as many as five could occur. These events typically occur between 4-8 pm. HG&E will email you a notification approximately 5 hours before each peak event with details on the specific time period to set your battery to dispatch within. You will need to use the Tesla app to schedule each dispatch. The $6/kW monthly incentive will be based off of the amount of electricity your battery dispatches during the actual transmission peak hour each month, and will be applied as an on-bill credit. In order to determine how much electricity is dispatched during each transmission peak, you will need to have a seperate meter installed to measure your battery's output. If you are just installing a battery (no solar), please click here for our acceptable battery storage wiring diagrams. If you are installing solar panels with a battery, please click here for acceptable wiring diagrams. 

You can also apply for financial assistance at 0% interest through our Residential Energy Conservation Program to help with the battery installation costs if you agree to enroll your battery in this program. 

Eligibility Requirements, Terms and Conditions

  • Customer must have an active residential electric account at the address where the battery is located
  • If customer fails to dispatch during 3 transmission peaks within any 12 month period within the initial term (which is 2 years), customer will be charged a one-time fee of $41.50/month remaining within the initial term plus $41.50 for each month customer failed to dispatch from date of enrollment up until that point.

  • HG&E reserves the right to modify or end this program at any time

How to Schedule Your Battery Dispatch (Click here for information on Tesla website):

  1. Set up a Custom Rate Plan detailing the peak times during which the battery will dispatch:
    1. From the home screen, open the ‘Settings’ menu.
    2. Tap ‘Utility Rate Plan.’
    3. Tap ‘Start’
    4. Tap ‘More Options.’
    5. Tap ‘Custom Rate Plan.’
    6. Enter your ‘Utility Provider’ name and ‘Rate Plan’ name.
    7. Select ‘Time of Use’
    8. Set “Peak Times” as the times the battery will dispatch onto the grid per HG&E instructions
    9. Tap “Save”
  2. Enable Time-Based Control:
    1. From the home screen, open the ‘Settings’ menu.
    2. Open the 'Powerwall' menu.
    3. Under ‘Operational Mode,’ select ‘Time-Based Control.’
    4. Set your preferred rate plan by tapping the ‘Utility Rate Plan' card.
    5. Set your preferred Backup Reserve by adjusting the slider at the top of the screen.
    6. Set “Energy Exports” to “Everything”. This will allow the Powerwall to discharge as much as possible during the set peak times, sending solar and Powerwall energy to the grid and discharging all the way to your set Backup Reserve.
    7. Set “Permission to Export” to “Yes”
  3. After each peak event, disable Time-Based Control


Contact: efficiency@hged.com


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