Residential Energy Audits

HG&E offers free residential energy audits that can show homeowners how to lower their energy bills!


Home energy audits are a great way for homeowners to learn about their energy use and find ways to save money by reducing their energy consumption. Energy efficiency upgrades recommended through an energy audit can save the average homeowner hundreds of dollars per year in energy bills!

During the audit, a professional energy advisor will assess your home and identify ways that you can save on your energy bills. The auditor can answer questions you have about insulation, heating and cooling equipment, appliances, etc, to help you determine areas for improvement. You will also receive an audit report which lists recommended energy efficiency projects tailored to your home, along with estimated annual cost savings associated with each upgrade.

Click the image above to view a sample energy audit!

How to Schedule your Free Energy Audit:

To arrange for a home energy audit at no cost to you, you can either submit this online form to request an energy audit, or, you can contact our energy services partner, NextZero, directly at their toll-free number: 1-888-333-7525 (please be sure to include the "1" at the beginning of the phone number when you call). They will work with you to schedule the energy audit, which is conducted through the Center for EcoTechnology (CET).

Even before you schedule an audit, when you call NextZero, you will be able to discuss ways to reduce your energy consumption and ask them questions about energy conservation.

It is strongly recommended that you provide your energy auditor with 12 months of past energy bills (i.e. electricity, oil, gas, propane) so they can incorporate this into their audit report and improve the accuracy of their results for your particular building. If you would like us to send you your past 12 months of gas and electric use, please contact

Speak Spanish or Portuguese? CET now has Spanish and Portuguese speaking auditors so you can request an auditor who speaks one of these languages if you prefer!


energy audit eligibility:

  • Customers are eligible to receive one free audit every three years.
  • Southampton customers are eligible as long as the property has a gas or electric account with HG&E
  • Free audits are only available for residential buildings with 4 units or less


rebates and incentives:
Many of the improvements recommended in a typical audit report are eligible for rebates and financial assistance at 0% interest through HG&E’s Residential Energy Conservation Program.
Visit our rebates and incentives webpage for a complete list of all residential rebates and incentives available.
To learn about other ways you can decrease your energy use, check out our Energy Conservation Tips page!


in-home vs. virtual energy audits

Historically, energy audits had been offered as an in-home service and this is still how most customers choose to have their audits completed. However, due to Covid-19, you now have the option to choose an in-home audit, or, can instead choose to have a virtual audit if you are more comfortable with this remote/virtual service. We hope that by providing both in-person and virtual audits, customers will be comfortable moving forward with this valuable service.

In-Home Audits:

In you would like an in-home audit, unvaccinated customers will be asked to wear a mask during the visit, and you can also request vaccinated field staff to wear a mask if this makes you more comfortable. 

Virtual Audits: 

If you are interested in a virtual audit, an auditor will work with you to determine if you are eligible by asking you some questions related to what technologies you have access to, your comfort with digital applications, and your ability to navigate to specific areas in your home. If the auditor determines they will be able to complete a virtual audit for you, the auditor will set up a convenient time and accessible digital medium, in order to capture the necessary information about your home. Following the audit, you will receive a detailed report outlining potential energy saving opportunities.




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