Clean Energy Growth

  • HG&E is constantly looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to expand and diversify its portfolio of renewable and carbon-free content.

We are happy to talk to clean energy vendors and project developers in order to identify, and explore the feasibility of moving forward with potential solutions and projects.  For additional information or to schedule a meeting, send an electronic inquiry.

Are you a renewable energy vendor looking to test your innovative system in a real life situation?  HG&E is always looking for ways to increase and diversify its energy portfolio with renewable energy, energy storage and smart grid solutions, and is very interested in collaborating with renewable energy vendors to site demonstration projects on its system.  Some of the assets which make Holyoke a strategic location to site demonstrations, and ultimately, site clean energy related businesses and facilities include:

Vertically Integrated Utility:  HG&E owns not only distribution lines, but also transmission lines on the Holyoke Grid, enabling easier and faster integration of new technologies on its system.  HG&E has various sensors and communications located throughout its network, which allows for constant monitoring and load balancing.  This enables higher penetration of renewable systems without power quality concerns on HG&E's system.  In addition, HG&E can perform system impact studies and integrate your system to our grid in a matter of days whereas typical private utilities may take months

Furthermore, since HG&E is a relatively small utility, new potential projects can be quickly presented to Management, and decisions made in a timely fashion.

Communications Capabilities:  In addition to a communications tower, HG&E has a fiber optic system that runs throughout the City of Holyoke and the Pioneer Valley.  This system can provide secure support and real time data collection for various smart grid and energy storage systems.

Proximity to Research Institutions:  Local area colleges include the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Smith College, as well as various other community colleges, with other STEM-focused universities in Massachusetts including Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyNortheastern University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  In addition, two university-led computing centers are located in Holyoke; the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC) and the MIT-Lincoln Labs High Performance and Training Center.  Furthermore, Alden Labs and the USGS Conte Anadromous Fish Laboratory, leaders in the study of hydrokinetic impacts on fish, are located in Massachusetts.

Hadley Falls and the Connecticut River:  HG&E owns a Dam and associated 33 MW hydroelectric facility on the Connecticut River in Holyoke, MA.  The existing infrastructure, as well as the River itself provides opportunity for hydrokinetic and other fish-friendly innovative hydro technologies.

Holyoke Canal System:  An extensive 3-tiered, 4.5 mile canal system with existing hydroelectric facilities comprising another 15 MW of generation runs through Holyoke.  HG&E has control over the water flowing through this system, and there is a fish exclusion facility located right at its entrance, making it ideal for innovative hydro testing.

Ridgeline Property:  A ridgeline, of which a portion consists of City-owned property, runs through the City of Holyoke and boasts wind speeds ranging from approximately 5.5 to 8 meters per second (depending on location) at a 75 meter hub height, providing an opportunity for wind energy demonstration and development.

Low Cost, Vacant Land and Buildings: The City of Holyoke houses various vacant mill buildings and plots of land which can be acquired at affordable prices for your new manufacturing facility or other business location.  To learn more about what incentives are available to you for siting your business in Holyoke, contact the Holyoke Planning Department.

Free Trade Zone:  There is a free trade zone located right in Holyoke.  For additional information on this asset, contact the Holyoke Planning Department.

Interested in further discussing the potential to site a demonstration project on HG&E's System?  Contact us to set up a meeting!

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