Wind & Nuclear Carbon-Free Energy

In addition to local solar and hydro resources, HG&E purchases carbon-free wind and nuclear power. 


HG&E, along with 16 other municipal utilities through its joint action agency MMWEC, have entered into a Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) with First Wind, for the purchase of approximately 37.5 MW of wind power. Through a 25-year fixed-price PPA, HG&E will receive approximately 6 MW of the total project, which located in rural Hancock County, Maine. The 51 MW wind farm consists of 17 turbines and came online in late 2016.


HG&E is currently a project participant receiving power from two nuclear power plants: Seabrook Station Nuclear Project Plant located in Seabrook, NH and Millstone Nuclear Power Plant located in Waterford, CT. Unlike fossil fuel-fired power plants, nuclear reactors do not produce air pollution or carbon dioxide while operating. The generation from these two plants contributes toward the carbon-free portion of HG&E's overall energy mix. HG&E owns entitlements to the generation from these two nuclear power plants for the life of the units.

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