What to Expect this Winter

While HG&E is proud to offer some of the lowest utility rates in the region, we understand that with inflation and the rising cost of everyday expenses even the slightest increase in energy rates can have a significant impact on our customers. As a community-owned utility, we work to stabilize charges as much as possible but there are components of each rate that are influenced by market conditions and the cost of fuel, which fall outside of HG&E's direct control.

Regionally, the energy sector is experiencing significant increases in costs, driven by escalating global demand for natural gas and shortages in domestic supply, as well as the impact of supply chain disruptions and volatile economic trends. This continues to have a significant impact on natural gas costs but can also impacts electric rates. According to ISO New England, 53% of electricity in the region is generated at natural gas facilities so the cost of electricity purchased from the market has been rising significantly over the past 18-months. Fortunately, HG&E is vertically integrated and owns electric transmission, distribution, and generation. These assets allow us to strategically manage costs and protect HG&E customers from the most volatile market conditions, which other utilities are susceptible to. While HG&E will continue to have some of the lowest rates in the region, we want to prepare customers for winter rate increases and provide opportunities for conservation.

Estimated increases for the average residential customers:

  • Natural Gas - November 2022: approximately 32% ($1.78/ccf vs. $1.35/ccf representing an increase of approximately $80/mo over the last winter period)
  • Electric - January 2023: approximately 10% ($6.93/mo increase for customers using 500 kWh per month compared to January 2022)

These figures are estimates, based on current contracts and forecasting, and are the direct result of rising energy costs which are outside of our direct control.


Manage your energy use and payments by taking advantage of HG&E's innovative energy efficiency programs, assistance, and rebates, including:

  • PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNT: All customers who pay their bill in full within 15 days of receipt receive 10% discount on their bill.
  • REBATES & INCENTIVES: HG&E offers various rebates and incentives to help you improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy bills. 
  • RESIDENTIAL ENERGY CONSERVATION PROGRAM: Financial assistance at 0% interest for qualifying energy efficiency projects. 
  • FUEL ASSISTANCE: Programs available for qualifying households to assist with heating costs.
  • PAYMENT PLAN: HG&E is happy to discuss a payment plan arrangement that works for you.

We know any increase to your bill is challenging and our team is here to help you throughout the winter heating season, contact us for more information.

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