Frequently Asked Questions (Community Solar)

Community solar is a different model for solar energy. Instead of installing solar on your own home or property, community solar allows many people to come together and receive power from a larger solar array.  Traditional residential solar systems require a large upfront investment, an ideal sunny location, and homeownership.  Through this Community Solar initiative, HG&E partnered with a solar developer to offer benefits from the solar systems to residential customers.

There are many great benefits for customers and the community!

  • Clean, renewable energy for your home.
  • Community solar is an easy, FREE way to participate in a solar project.
  • You will help HG&E reach renewable energy goals.
  • Helps to keep rates stable.
  • In order to meet the project requirements, HG&E needs residential customers to opt in.  Without you, we will not be able to make this a Community Solar project.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

All residential electric customers with an account are eligible.  You do not have to own a home.

Nothing, just take a few seconds of your time to enroll.

It’s simple, all that is needed is your name, address, and account number (which can be found on your bill)!  In order to make this project viable, HG&E needs residential customers to opt-in/sign up.  You can enroll by filling out the online form (above) or visiting our office.

All residential electric customers are eligible!

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